Jeremy Corbyn

“I don’t apologise for mentioning Attlee, Wilson and Blair. The thing that unites those three very different prime ministers is that they all won."
The former Labour leader will host four days of talks, workshops and performances to highlight ways to tackle the climate emergency.
The former Labour leader denied there was a 'Machiavellian plot' to undermine Keir Starmer at Labour party conference.
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Labour leader faces a tough outing at his first in-person party conference, where trouble is already brewing over proposed rule changes.
From star of the event to fringe events, Jeremy Corbyn will have a very different conference this year.
Ian Hodson given until Monday to explain links to Labour Against the Witchhunt.
Shadow child poverty minister back on frontbench duty
Members of four groups proscribed by party to get letters within days
Through the summer to Brighton's party conference and beyond, Labour's leader has a crucial three months to reset his leadership.
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New party rule change would give activists control over controversial whipping decisions.
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Unite union general secretary warns Labour leader voters "don’t understand" what he stands for.