Jeremy Corbyn

The former leader has been criticised for an appearance on Al Mayadeen in which he questioned the decision to send military assistance to Ukraine.
Friends of the former Labour leader want him to establish a new 'power base' for his progressive politics in the capital.
Long-awaited Forde inquiry says the party was unable to operate as an effective opposition due to "deep rooted" divisions.
"We’re starting from scratch, the slate is wiped clean," he says.
A former employee at the pollster claimed the survey showed Jeremy Corbyn had won a TV debate during the 2017 election "by a country mile".
Senior party figures have blamed an "embittered former employee" for damaging media briefings about claims the leader broke covid rules.
Labour leader says he cannot accept "false equivalence" between Russia and Nato.
Nearly two years since being elected, the leader's grip on the party is stronger than it's ever been.
The former shadow chancellor is due to speak at the 'No War In Ukraine' event in London.