Jeremy Corbyn

Senior party figures have blamed an "embittered former employee" for damaging media briefings about claims the leader broke covid rules.
Labour leader says he cannot accept "false equivalence" between Russia and Nato.
Nearly two years since being elected, the leader's grip on the party is stronger than it's ever been.
The former shadow chancellor is due to speak at the 'No War In Ukraine' event in London.
The shadow foreign secretary accused the former Labour party leader of "parroting the lines coming from Vladimir Putin".
The Labour leader accused the group, which has Jeremy Corbyn as its vice-president, of 'providing a smokescreen' for the Putin regime.
Laura Pidcock, an MP until she lost her seat in 2019, attacks Keir Starmer's leadership for "a lack of vision".
A NEC motion to readmit the former leader as a Labour MP failed by 23 votes to 14.
“I don’t apologise for mentioning Attlee, Wilson and Blair. The thing that unites those three very different prime ministers is that they all won."
The former Labour leader will host four days of talks, workshops and performances to highlight ways to tackle the climate emergency.