prime minister

Sources close to the former deputy prime minister said the allegation was not true.
"This is the government knowingly putting people’s lives at risk for cheap political points.”
The students did not seem as excited about maths as the prime minister.
No.10 dismissed claims Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden's meeting in Northern Ireland was being kept "low-key".
The former British prime minister admitted there were some things they could have done differently during the "rollercoaster" negotiations.
The Labour leader tore into the prime minister over the footage of Tory MP Scott Benton.
One woman told them: "Go away. We don’t want you here.”
"It’s incredibly disappointing to see the government resorting to this rhetoric."
Matt Hancock and Kwasi Kwarteng told an undercover Led By Donkeys journalist they would work for £10,000 a day.
The mayor said as a person of colour he was "not surprised" by the damning Casey review.