20 YouTube Videos Guaranteed To Make You Feel Happy

20/03/2014 12:25 | Updated 02 May 2014

Whether you're having a happy or a not-so-happy day, we hope we can enhance/rectify things with this round-up.

From singing babies to drumming grandmas - via lip syncs, flash mobs, dogs and, yes, cats - here are 20 feelgood YouTube classics that may well restore your faith in humanity... or at least put a smile on your face.

Enjoy (quite literally)!

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  • 1 Oil ship crew lip sync Toto's 'Africa'
  • 2 Twin babies talk to each other
  • 3 Dog welcomes soldier home from Afghanistan
  • 4 People of Luton dance to 'Happy'
  • 5 Elderly men sing 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' in a coffee shop
  • 6 A tourist makes a London guard smile
  • 7 Kitten tries to wake up other kitten
  • 8 Singing baby busker
  • 9 School puts on a flashmob for retiring head teacher
  • 10 Big brother meets baby brother for the first time
  • 11 Wedding entrance dance
  • 12 Dog bounces through a wheat field 
  • 13 Woman and taxi driver dance to 'Get Lucky'
  • 14 Grandmother plays the drums like a boss
  • 15 Twins lip sync song from 'Frozen'
  • 16 Three-legged dog opens door for his pal
  • 17 Flash mob marriage proposal
  • 18 Two babies sing 'We Will Rock You'
  • 19 Two kittens play with a bucket
  • 20 Swedish soldiers lip sync 'Greased Lightnin''

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