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It was always going to be a greeting filled with overwhelming emotion. But when this soldier returned home and decided to
H/T: LifeWithDogs She was kept sedated but treatment was needed to repair the damage to her lungs - estimated to be $25,000
Because we don't just bring you LOL videos here at HuffPost UK Comedy, oh no. We also bring you the heartwarming. And it
Was there ever a sweeter sight outside a branch of Clintons (and Boots)? We think not. Just check out Joan Camberwell, 86
Everyone give it up for Anderson Pooper! (Whose name, British friends, would appear to be inspired by the US news reporter
Welcome to your Life-Affirming Video Of The Day! Yes, being without the use of their back legs isn't holding these adorable
Talk about childlike wonder at the world. This little girl's reaction to her birthday present from her mum is just absolutely
Benjamin May's Irish Terrier, Duffy, was a rescue dog. He's always struggled with ill health, including developing diabetes
And today's Unusual Animal Friendship Story is... this one! Yes, say hello - or rather, privet - to the cat and the lynx
Because we're not just about the LOLZ here at HuffPost UK Comedy. We're also about the uplifting. And it doesn't get much