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Thousands Of British Muslims Gather To Denounce ISIS, Hear Messages Of Peace (PICTURES)

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Thousands of Muslims have gathered across Britain today to hear a message of peace. More than 5,000 worshippers attended a mosque in Morden, south west London, and thousands more went to mosques across the country. They urged young people to abandon extremism and denounced the actions of the insurgent group Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (Isis).


The special message, relayed after prayers and the Friday sermon, was organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) amid reports that Britons are among those who are fighting with Isis and fears of the alleged radicalisation of young Muslims willing to fight overseas. An AMC spokesman estimated that more than 10,000 worshippers may have heard the message.

He said: "The message was for us as a community, in Britain and worldwide, to denounce the actions of Isis and for young British Muslims who are exporting extremism to re-look at their position." He also said the community is calling them to "abandon extremism and discuss whatever problems they are having".

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