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Sarah Palin Moves To Monetise Popularity By Launching Own 'Unfiltered' News Channel

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NEW YORK -- Sarah Palin does not like the mainstream… sorry "lamestream"… media. The pantomime former vice presidential nominee has spent the intervening years since her brief sojourn in the political spotlight lambasting the American press for failing to agree with her unlettered worldview, often in angry screeds penned on Facebook.

Yet despite holding no political position, the former governor remains hugely popular with members of the Tea Party, a popularity the Alaskan moose hunter is now trying to monetise by launching the Sarah Palin Channel, a website that boasts Mama Grizzly as the executive editor, while offering readers political commentary and information about her personal life.

In a Facebook post uploaded on Sunday, Palin asks: "Tired of media filters? Well, so am I!" Readers are then invited to hand over $99.95 a year, or $9.95 a month, to gain access to un-blinkered news, commentary, ramblings and, presumably, pictures of the right-wing doyenne standing atop trophy kills of wild game.

"Let’s go rogue and launch our own member-supported channel. I want to talk to directly to you on our channel on my terms and no need to please the powers that be,” she said, whilst promising to "go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media's politically correct filter and things like Washington, D.C.'s crony capitalism."

"We'll talk about the issues that the mainstream media won't talk about and we'll look at the ideas that I think Washington doesn't want you to hear."

At the top of the website, just bellowing a picture of Palin (of course) are two clocks – one showing the US national debt (going up) and a second showing Obama’s time left in office (going down). Her daughter Bristol has even been given her own blog on the site. Is it all nonsense? Yes. Will it be popular? You betcha!


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