Bristol Workmen Have Actually Managed To Misspell 'Bus'

25/08/2014 14:48 | Updated 25 August 2014

At least if a bup should ever come along, it'll know where it needs to stop.

Workmen have managed to misspell the word 'bus' during roadworks. "Bup stop" was painted on to the road surface in Bristol in large yellow lettering at the end of last week, with the stencilled letter P used instead of S.

Hilarity promptly and deservedly ensued on Twitter.

The mistake was made as part of road repairs which are likely to last up to four weeks in the Old Market area of the city centre.

It is by no means the first time spelling mistakes have been painted on the road. Residents of Northamptonshire were treated to a sign telling them to 'Keep Celar', with workmen managing to misspell 'clear'.

They were painted on an entrance to a cul-de-sac off the Broadway in Kettering. A spokesman from Northamptonshire County Council said at the time: "This was simply down to human error.

"We realised the mistake on the same day the road was painted, and an engineer went out to repaint the word correctly within about an hour."

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