New Labour policy would see £1.3bn from Vehicle Excise Duty used to bring back buses.
Many bus routes in England receive partial or complete subsidies from councils.
"For too long the bus industry has put profit for a few before millions of passengers."
A Milwaukee bus driver in the US was driving along when she spotted a baby walking alone at the side of the road. This CCTV recording shows the moment Irena Ivic stopped to pick up the little one. The girl had been left by her mother who suffers from mental illness and she’s now been returned to her father.
The spaces on buses wouldn't be there if disabled campaigners hadn't fought for them to be there in the 1980s and 1990s. But today many wheelchair users still face difficulties accessing the spaces, often causing a great deal of distress.
As the financial pressures on Transport for London (TfL) grow, it is more important than ever that it considers alternative
When Nigel Farage complained about the number of foreign languages spoken on public transport in Britain he probably didn't
Sadiq Khan has hit the ground running and announced the introduction of a new 'bus hopper' fare for Londoners on his second
Changing negative attitudes to international aid one step at a time.
Hundreds of buses across England will carry adverts praising Allah as part of a drive to highlight the plight of Syrians
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My Twitter timeline has just exploded with reaction to an extraordinary interview that Zac Goldsmith gave to Nick Ferrari
Last week, Jeremy Corbyn announced his strategy to bring back the railways into public ownership. Considering the widespread public support for the policy, most in the party that are ideologically opposed have reserved their criticism. However, for Labour to win over rural communities, both in next year's regional elections and in 2020, the party must adopt a transport policy that stretches beyond the railways.
The next Mayor is faced with an air pollution crisis to solve and the knowledge that expanding our road network will just make that crisis worse. What we need is the same kind of determination as when London adopted the congestion charge. The only way London will work is if we reduce traffic at the same time as increasing our population. The next Mayor has to instil a sense of optimism into Transport for London. They have done it before, they can do it some more.
Buses serve the society and the economy, as well as offering a sustainable travel option. It has been a pleasure to support this year's celebration of the bus!
It's not just the big chains and shopping centre that is easy. Through out the city centre there are arcades of boutique style shops and restaurants, and pretty much all of these are equally accessible. Most of these are historic in nature and yet there has been great effort taken to ensure as many of them are as accessible as possible.
A London bus exploded sending a flaming tyre shooting across a busy street just moments after it's terrified passengers had
In these soggy autumnal times we are all aware that little droplets of joy aka a cup of something hot, can turn into a pool of contentment. Based on this theory we decided to share our list of little things to keep us buoyant during the Summer to Winter transitionary "cagoule" period.