The 14 Greatest Cat Videos Of 2014

10/12/2014 16:24 | Updated 11 December 2014

We realise, of course, that at the time of writing there are still a few weeks left in 2014. And in that time, at least another 10,000 cat videos could be uploaded to YouTube.

But we're taking the risk - just as many of the cats below did. The risk of failing, the risk of rejection, the risk of embarrassment. Possibly.

From interrupting their owners to fighting with chipmunks, from cat-burgling to cat-napping, here were our favourite felines of 2014...

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  • 1 Cat scares the life out of his cat pal
    ...and us.
  • 2 Cat vs knitted lampshade
    An age-old battle. At least in Russia.
  • 3 Cat steals salmon from a freezer
    There are cat burglars... and there's this guy.
  • 4 Cat tries to sabotage 'Let It Go' performance
    Turns out not everyone's a fan of 'Frozen'.
  • 5 Cat chills out in a baby swing
    And he even yawns.
  • 6 Cat dressed as Princess Jasmine rides a Roomba disguised as a flying carpet
    Roomba Cat really pulled out all the stops for Halloween 2014.
  • 7 Cat attacks chipmunk, chipmunk gets revenge
    The tale of David and Goliath, reworked for 2014 (and YouTube).
  • 8 Cat is shocked to discover he's a cat
    It all starts off so sweetly... but the shocking truth will out.
  • 9 Cat makes epic leap
    And things unsurprisingly don't go well.
  • 10 Cat jumps into his owner's arms
    Because not all cat jumps end badly.
  • 11 Cat meets a baby for the first time
    And reacts in the most cat-like way possible.
  • 12 Cat walks backwards on its hind legs
    No, we have no idea why Momotaro does this, either.
  • 13 Cat interrupts yoga session
    Milo wanted attention. Milo got it.
  • 14 Cat tries to apologise to other cat
    A truly touching way to end the round-up.

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