funny cats

Troop Cat Ed gets caught dozing on the job quite a lot.
And Ed isn’t the only cute animal at work in New South Wales’ police department - they’ve also got some adorable dogs and
The world is a strange place for a newborn kitten - everything is huge and confusing, and you learn new things everyday. This
A frisky feline has been left with a broken leg after jumping from a 40ft (12.2m) balcony in a bid to get some sweet, sweet
Animals can be jerks sometimes. Mostly cats. But they can also be the best friends in the world, helping out their fellow
Our feline friends may be known to get their heads stuck in things at any given opportunity, but one cat appears to have
In a world of uncertainty, there's one thing we can be sure about - cats can be jerks sometimes. This cat, affectionately
We already know that cats are inexplicably terrified of cucumbers, but this particular feline was scared out of its wits