Safer Internet Day: How To Create The Unbreakable Password

10/02/2015 10:03 | Updated 10 February 2015

Our passwords are terrible. They have been for a while now, and as this damming article proves, we're not getting any better.

It's actually not your fault though. The expectations have become unreasonable. It's hard enough remembering one password that's a collection of symbols, letters and numbers, now try remembering over 20 of them.

In fact a recent study found that 30 per cent of us haven't created complex passwords and 21 per cent have done even less by not taking any steps to protect themselves online.

This is thankfully where technology can actually start helping technology. Using ultra-secure connections and backup password managers can both create unhackable passwords and then store them all somewhere safe so ultimately, all you have to remember is one single password.

Sadly they're not free, and while many of us are used to heading over to the App Store and filling up on the freebies, this service is going to be worth the investment.

password manager

Password managers also take time to set up, so you'll need to put aside an evening where you can write down all the accounts you use and then go through each one, creating a new password and then saving it to the password manager.

Thankfully the three largest services are now so automated that all you'll have to do is move the mouse a bit and click it every once in a while.

Once it's done though it's done, and you'll have just secured yourself from a whole world of trouble whether it's credit card fraud, receiving an avalanche of spam (if you don't get it already) and more.

  • 1 Dashlane
    DashLane is the team player out of the three options here. Offering a similar user interface to 1Password, Dashlane is simple to use and powerful to boot. If you run a small business or even a big business however then this could be the service for you. With variable sharing options you can send passwords to colleagues that also have Dashlane while keeping the password secure even from them. All they have to do is accept, and the app will log them in to the service without them ever having to see the login credentials. It'll work on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Price: $39.99 per year.
  • 2 1Password 5
    1Password is the 'Swiss army knife' of the group. It'll run on almost anything. It's also one of the easiest to use as well thanks to an ultra-simple interface. Rather than using autofill, 1Password uses extensions in Chrome, Firefox and Safari which gives you quick and easy access to your vault on any of your computers. The iPhone app uses Touch ID. This is a great all-rounder for the single user who just wants a complete solution. Price: $49.99 (Single license)
  • 3 LastPass
    LastPass may be last on the list but it's definitely not the least. This is the veteran password manager and as such has the most features. It'll run on every platform and through every site, it's also customisable to a professional degree with support for biometrics and almost any other authenticating technology you can think of. It may be a little more complex to use but once it's set up LastPass is arguably the most flexible in terms of creating a service that you want. Price: $12 per year
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