If Your Password Is One Of These You Should Probably Change It

How secure is your password? The likelihood is that at the very least, it could probably do with a few symbols. At the very worst, you could find your password listed on SplashData's annual list of the worst passwords in the world.

Released every year, it's the list that nobody wants to recognise because while these are practically guessable by us humans, computers would have them in seconds.

Depressingly, the most commonly used password is still '123456' while the second is (you guessed it), 'password'.

That's right, there are still some of you out there that feel an appropriate measure of security is to use a word that's listed just to the left of every box on every login form that exists on the internet.

If you felt like throwing your data into the hands of just about anyone then how about using '12345', '12345678' or the equally as obvious 'qwerty'.

If, for whatever reason, you're still using this list, or typing a full name and then ending it with a date of birth then consider the fact that while you might struggle to think of it, a computer has access to every word in the english language and knows every trick for spacing out your date of birth. It'll find it in seconds.

Instead, think of one really complex password that uses letters, number and symbols, Memorise it and buy yourself a password vault like 1Password. All you need to know is one and then the vault can create mind-bogglingly complex passwords for all your other accounts.

Rank Password Change from 2012

1 123456

2 password

3 12345678

4 qwerty

5 abc123

6 123456789

7 111111

8 1234567

9 iloveyou

10 adobe123

11 123123

12 admin

13 1234567890

14 letmein

15 photoshop

16 1234

17 monkey

18 shadow

19 sunshine

20 12345

21 password1

22 princess

23 azerty

24 trustno1

25 000000