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While cybercriminals quickly learn to use emerging technologies for their own benefit, it's the most ripe time to delve into the thought process on how artificial intelligence will fit into cyber security infrastructure of businesses and with AI still in the early stages, it's time to work on strategies to utilise it fully once it marks its second coming in the business world.
As a father I find the debacle worrying. But as a businessman I find it plain stupid. Morality aside, sexism, in any form, is poison for profits. To put it bluntly, sexism alienates at least 50% of potential customers not to mention talented developers able to connect authentically with female audiences and thereby grow additional revenue streams.
Two million voice messages recorded by parents and their children via a “smart” cuddly toy have been leaked online, according
Since different people have different orientation based on their cultures, regions and environment, there could be hundreds of cyber security myths which might not be covered by security experts or bloggers. Therefore, a culture of research needs to be prevailed.
Yes, common internet users like me and you have a very limited social circle and we value that over anything else. Having said that, would you still take the risk of not ensuring your privacy and anonymity online?
Everything you need to know, and how to protect your home.
A major cyberattack took place over the weekend, it was targeted at a company called Dyn and while you’ve probably never
Wireless routers aren’t sexy, they never have been. They’re usually a drab black box that sits surrounding by wires collecting