Internet Security

A new check from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport means that internet users will have to go through an age verification process before accessing X-rated sites. It has been introduced as a way of stopping under-18s accessing inappropriate material. But some say it is a breach of people's privacy.
One tip: Before you Insta that photo, pay attention to what’s in the background.
It is becoming increasingly common to share our digital devices or accounts with our partners. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone
An “internal defect” led users’ account passwords to be stored in an internal log, the company said.
Remembering Equifax, Uber and all the other data breaches of the last year.
It’s amazing when you watch a lightbulb moment happen – especially when you’ve spent a great deal of your professional live
Following a series high-profile cyber attacks, most cyber security professionals predict the 2018 outlook will be bleak. Today
The appeal of being the first one in the door to snap up deals on your favourite brands and products during the sales period