29/05/2018 11:16 BST | Updated 29/05/2018 11:16 BST

You Should Think Twice Before Sharing Your Passwords With Your Partner

It is becoming increasingly common to share our digital devices or accounts with our partners. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone, Netflix account or banking information, sharing digital devices and information has become an integral part of our modern-day relationships. And whilst we may think that the strength of the relationship with our partner is enough to keep our data and devices safe, we need to consider if it is actually compromising our internet security.

Whether we consider ourselves to be the cyber-savvier one in the relationship or not, there is inevitably going to be one who knows more than the other when it comes to technology. Even if we are the more careful partner, we may still be putting ourselves at risk by sharing our activities and devices – which could result in data exposure, device damage and even financial loss. But who is to blame in the instance that one of these events takes place? With sharing should come a joint responsibility for internet security – if we do not make a conscious effort to protect our partner’s information, we also risk exposing our own.

It doesn’t end there – the technological risks are not the only issues we are faced with when it comes to sharing our digital devices. Such activities can also place a significant amount of pressure on the relationship itself. A couple may experience disagreements over the amount of time one of them spends on a device, argue about viewing a partner’s web activity that they don’t want to share, or get jealous about seeing their partner communicate with certain people.

Depending on how much of your digital life you choose to share with your partner, you may not only be putting yourself and your personal data at risk, but ultimately your relationship. It’s important to set ground rules about what you are happy to share, and for what purpose, when you first start to share each other’s devices and accounts. Set limits and guidelines – only share what you’re comfortable with. Sticking to this enables you to both feel comfortable and happy about what you choose to see – or not see.

Splitting the responsibilities over digital security should be of utmost importance if you wish to maintain access to your other half’s online life. As one of us in the relationship is always going to be less knowledgeable than the other when it comes to the digital side of things, it is important that both parties have a good understanding of the basics of digital security to minimise the chances of personal data or devices being put at risk.

Sharing accounts and devices can ultimately make life easier – but with so much at stake, safety and trust both become key in ensuring that love does not get in the way of our internet security. Whilst it is important to behave safely online, it is equally important to establish a solid understanding with our partner about the joint usage and responsibility of these devices.