George Osborne Pictured At Hoover Factory On General Election 2015 Campaign Trail

09/04/2015 20:04 BST | Updated 09/04/2015 20:59 BST

This is George Osborne as you’ve never seen him before.

The Chancellor insists that he has fixed the economy - but he’s also clearly keen to prove he’s handy at sorting out other things too.

Osborne was first snapped ceremoniously screwing a handle onto a vacuum cleaner during his visit to the factory that make the famous 'Henry' brand in Chard, Somerset.

Osborne Hoover

He then proceeded to get down and dirty fixing cars at a garage near St Austell, Cornwall.

Proving he was one of the boys, a grubby Gideon was pictured helping apprentices to change oil before handing out cups of builders brew. Like a lad.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter quickly erupted following his visits.

Osborne Hoover

Referencing Osborne’s gleeful face as he clutched a Hoover, Simon Stewart tweeted: “Then the Gideon model becomes available. It's crap, works well for the rich but ultimately won't work again after early May.”

Adam Hosker said: “Sucking up our trade deficit.”

Tom Morris added: “Working on suckers as usual.”