Project Semicolon: Tattoos Offer Sense Of Unity And Hope To Those Affected By Mental Health Problems

29/06/2015 10:36 | Updated 29 June 2015

Semicolon tattoos are becoming increasingly popular - and while you might initially think it's some kind of "hipster" fashion statement, in reality it's something far more important.

A growing number of people are inking the punctuation mark onto their skin as a message of hope and a way of conveying the mental health struggles that they are trying to overcome.

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The tattoo trend was first initiated by Project Semicolon and encourages people to draw semicolons onto their wrists.

The organisation's website states that this is because the punctuation is used when an author "could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to.

"The author is you and the sentence is your life," the site reads.

Now, more and more people are opting to tattoo semicolons onto their skin as a symbol of hope.


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In The End, There Is Only Room For Love

The project is a faith-based non-profit movement which "exists to encourage, love and inspire".

It aims to present hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-harm, as well as the families and friends of those who have struggled with mental health problems.

Amy Bleuel, who co-founded the project, tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle that she did it to honour her father who she lost to suicide.

"I set out to inspire others so they can know they are not alone, that their story matters," she explains.

The project aims to encourage discussion surrounding mental health, for both those suffering from mental illness, and their family and friends.

And it seems to be doing just that.

Jennifer McCarty posted a picture of her tattoo on Facebook with the caption: "I lost my sister four years ago after her long battle with depression and drug addiction. This is for her."

Meanwhile Francesca Sara wrote: "I lost my husband last year, 38 years. I'm depressed and I think about suicide almost every day.

"My semicolon tattoo reminds me that, maybe, the story isn't over."

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