49 Bacon-Related Gifts You Can Actually Buy

13/07/2015 14:40 | Updated 13 July 2015

Whether it's for a birthday present, Father's Day gift, or a Christmas stocking filler, the internet is filled with bacon knick-knacks for the whole family. If someone you love can't get enough of the crispy stuff, any of these amazing items will make them jump for joy.

  • 1 Fifty Shades of Bacon Paperback
    According to Amazon, Fifty Shades Of Bacon is "an erotic cookbook that delves into the full bacon experience." Buy it here.
  • 2 Bakon Vodka
    The makers of Bakon describe it as "A superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. It's clean, crisp, and delicious. This is the only vodka you'll ever want to use to make a Bloody Mary or Caesar, and it's a complementary element of both sweet and savory drinks." Get the bacon-flavoured spirit here.
  • 3 Bacon Condoms
    These condoms not only make your package look like bacon, they're also generously covered in bacon-flavoured lube. Tasty. You need to order them in from the US.
  • 4 Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste
    Who needs minty fresh breath when you can smell like bacon all day? Get it here.
  • 5 Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale
    Because beer should taste like bacon. Not bad.
  • 6 Bacon T-Shirt
    Cover up those bacon grease stains by just wearing bacon.
  • 7 Bacon Suit
  • 8 Bacon Cufflinks
    The perfect accompaniment to a bacon suit. Buy some here.
  • 9 Bacon Bow Tie
    For the discerning gent who needs to show off his love of bacon at a black tie gala. Buy one here.
  • 10 Bacon Tie
    Make the whole office really, really jealous with this bacon tie.
  • 11 Bacon Belt
  • 12 Bacon Socks
  • 13 Bacon Boxers
    Complete the clothing set with these undergarments.
  • 14 Bacon High Heels With Rhinestones
    Look the belle of the ball with these stylish shoes.
  • 15 Wakin' Shakin' Bacon Alarm Clock
    "The silly bacon dude dances, raps and sizzles to wake you up in a new and exciting way. Set the alarm and awake to him rapping about his love of bacon and the sizzle of bacon cooking." Grab one yourself.
  • 16 Bacon Wallet
    Because bringing home the bacon isn't just about money. Get it.
  • 17 Bacon Lip Balm
    No excuse needed. Pick it up here.
  • 18 Bacon Scented Aftershave
  • 19 Bacon Air Freshener
    Cars should smell like bacon. Buy it here.
  • 20 Bacon Flavoured Hot Sauce
  • 21 Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages Box Of 15
  • 22 Bacon Toilet Paper
    All yours, right here.
  • 23 Bacon Cake Frosting
    Only £8 to make your cake taste like bacon!
  • 24 Choc Dipped Maple Bacon Flavour Lollipop
  • 25 The Stinky Candle Co. Candle with Bacon Scent
  • 26 Maple Syrup & Bacon "Man Bait" Lollipop
  • 27 Bacon Necklace
    Who doesn't want to wear a crispy rasher around their neck? You can buy these here.
  • 28 Bacon Earrings
    Show off your love for pork with these fashionable earrings.
  • 29 Happy Bacon Plush Toy
    Cuddle up to your favourite food. Buy one here.
  • 30 Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon

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