Fathers Day 2019

Solo mums and queer mums share how they and their children choose to describe their families.
From house plants that can be posted through the letterbox to skincare treats – here are some ideas to get you started.
"Laughing at a child’s joke is a great way to hear that exact same joke 8,000 more times."
"It doesn’t take very long before most dads would literally sacrifice their own lives to protect their babies."
Some dads think that being first in and last to leave the office is something to be proud of – but if I need to work into the night after helping my daughter brush her teeth, so be it.
Forget meat, box sets, socks or fancy beers. This is what I, a dad, actually want for Father's Day.
We've done the work so you don't have to.
From the funny to thoughtful, we've got you covered.
'It appears many children have a love-hate relationship with their fathers, and there is some merit to their contradictory feelings.'