Fathers Day 2019

She treated her followers to new snaps of husband David on their eldest son's big day.
Write him an IOU. He'll still love you and your belated gift.
This is a shower set-free zone, folks (All dads can breathe a sigh of relief).
Spencer Morgan reckoned he'd "completely smashed" it.
The former president also tried to sell tickets to his upcoming tour, where plenty of seats remain unsold.
Solo mums and queer mums share how they and their children choose to describe their families.
From house plants that can be posted through the letterbox to skincare treats – here are some ideas to get you started.
"Laughing at a child’s joke is a great way to hear that exact same joke 8,000 more times."
"It doesn’t take very long before most dads would literally sacrifice their own lives to protect their babies."