My Wife Gave Me An Unexpected Gift. When I Learned What It Was, I Felt Too Hurt To Enjoy It

"My internal self was screaming."
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In a recent post shared to r/AmITheAsshole (AITA), Reddit user _Use_6666 asked, “AITA for not having an excited reaction to my wife’s surprise early Father’s Day gift?”

He explained that his wife had the day off work, and planned to spend it with her friend watching Bridgerton and sipping cocktails. Since he was at a loose end too, he thought he’d get some disc golf in in the evening.

So after work, he’d taken the laundry out and cooked himself a meal, and he was about to walk the dog when he got a message from his wife.

She had instructions

“As I left to walk the dog I told the wife that I was going to play disc golf afterwards. To which she replied, ‘Well maybe you shouldn’t. I’ll tell you when you get back,’” he shared.

The poster admitted he was a bit annoyed at that as it was a nice day out and he wanted to do a bit of exercise.

“Not to mention I’d made the golfing plans with a couple of people which now I may have to cancel,” he added.

Then, he discovered what the gift was

“She got me a grill and not only that, I now have to go and pick up said grill, assemble it and prepare dinner for guests,” he said.

He explained his wife had invited people around for dinner that same evening seeing as the weather was so nice.

“Needless to say my internal self was screaming and the stress meter moved up a bit. I gave her an ‘oh cool’ and tried my hardest not to seem ungrateful but the surprise seemed very impulsive and just created a ton of work for me,” he wrote.

His wife cancelled the order for his “ungrateful attitude” and said they’d go out for dinner with the friends she’d invited instead, he said.

People had *thoughts*

The post, whose author has been officially dubbed “not the A-hole” by Redditors, inspired strong feelings in the comments.

“Your wife surprised you with a job, not a gift,” one commenter pointed out.

“It’s like, ‘I got you a toaster… now make me and my friends sandwiches with toasted bread with said toaster while I drink beer with my buddies and enjoy the sunset,’” another suggested.

“What a shitty thing to just spring on you. And the audacity to be mad when you weren’t jumping for joy over it,” yet another Redditor opined.

What do you think?