Celebrity Chef Alton Brown Reviews All The Weird And Pointless Kitchen Gadgets On Amazon

11/12/2015 15:07 GMT | Updated 11/12/2015 15:59 GMT

Consumerism is an odd thing. It gave rise to stuff like the Shakeweight, the Pet Rock and the self-heating butter knife.

Amazon is rife with these sorts of things, and one of the most prevalent is what celebrity chef Alton Brown calls "unitaskers" - bulky or unnecessary products that only do one job and spend most of their time cluttering up your cupboards.

The Daily Dot teamed up with Alton to take a look at some of the most pointless items that fill up kitchens everywhere, including a strawberry slicer and a machine that turns eggs into strange phallic lumps for no apparent reason.

rollie egg maker

We don't know why it exists, but it does. And people actually buy it.