The Joy Recipe

10/04/2012 21:39
  • Annabel Burn Best friend to a Hungarian Vizsla called Gonzo and a Border Collie called Roodie

I'm the sort of person who has always done even moderation in extremes. Last month, on a trip to a&e (sprain) I was asked if I was an athlete. Apparently my resting pulse rate is 47. Im a bit wary of sounding like Samantha brick here, but being a long established dog walker means I am super busy, very fit and always running and walking.  By fit i do not mean particularly attractive...

Just my biological systems are working at optimum levels. I try to counteract this with wine and cigarettes in the evening, but there isn't always time.  There's always a zillion things to do.

I havent had a break in over a year and work has been very busy. That coupled with personal stresses, I was in dire need of a break. Three weeks ago I took a trip to Scotland, to stay with my dad in a village in the middle of nowhere. Best idea ive had in ages. It's been so tranquil. I have been forced to slow down and to actually RELAX for the first time in probably well over a year. I havent bought anyone with me, just two dogs. Its like a retreat, but for the odd social outing. My dad is at work in the day and doesn't smoke or drink so I havent bothered buying any fags or booze. I decided i may aswell turn this into a proper health kick, so i cut out all sugar too. Living on fresh fruit and veg and free range protein, i am walking the dogs for hours and also running every few days (in prep for a race in fact). I am now into my third week of this regieme to which I've added some yoga.  The differences are: my skin is so healthy already. I feel full of joy almost all the time. My eyes are bright. A beautiful song or a moving conversation with a loved one, make tears readily roll down my cheek... And I never ever cry normally! Running is now so easy. Everything around me, the pine cones, the squashy wet leaves, are so bright and full of smells - everything seems so much more alive and present... Like caricatures that can't be ignored like normal. I cant help smiling and thanking whatever force in this universe created all this for us to enjoy. Sleeping so so much better. Concentration for coursework and general current affairs / any reading has improved beyond all measure. Just a general feeling of happiness and wellness has transcended, and I just wish I could bottle it and make everyone feel this good. There's no need for anything. No cravings at all. Im not even worrying any more about the things that were worrying me. Im just peacefully hoping for the best outcomes for all involved.  I can truly tell you, that if you look after the system you live in (your body), and treat your soul, mind and body with love and respect, it will hum beautifully, like a finely tuned instrument. Cut out the people who cause you pain, and embrace those who stretch you and care for you. And then pass on the gift. Peace and love world... one last thing... Though feeling utterly complete, I would still like some shiney black leather trousers, a kir royale and a Marlboro light when I get back...