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Aaron Kiely

National Black Students' Officer, National Union of Students

Aaron is the current National Union of Students’ Black Students’ Officer, representing over one million students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage in Britain.

It's Time Britain Scrapped Tuition Fees - Let's Follow Germany's Example

We are angry. Tuition fees are £9,000. Student debt on graduation now averages over £40,000... Our debts are on a scale unthinkable even a decade ago. Life-shaping debts. Debts so large that they determine what jobs we look for, where we live and even whether to start a family.
17/11/2014 16:48 GMT

Students Will March to 'Bring Back EMA'

As I was finishing secondary school, I remember numerous discussions in my home about how we would be able to fund going to college and being a full-time student. Luckily, we found out that we qualified for the EMA scheme. My family lived from week to week, and that £30 was totally significant and at times helped pay electric, gas and for other essentials.
20/11/2012 17:46 GMT