Alex Sinclair Lack

Alex Sinclair Lack is a writer with an appetite for travel, politics, education, and burritos. Mostly burritos.

Originally from Cornwall, Alex studied philosophy at the University of Sheffield before moving to Vietnam and Jordan. He is open to collaborations, especially freelance content and copywriting opportunities.

The Lazy Eco-Warrior's Guide To Saving The Planet

Want to fight climate change but can't be bothered to get arrested demonstrating against fracking? Don't have time to learn the words to the protest songs at Standing Rock? Don't imagine you'll get round to making your own eco-toothpaste? Saving the world is a lot of effort. Here are six ways that you can make a difference without expending much energy.
26/10/2017 07:58 BST

Gogglebox: Why A Show That Should Be The Worst On TV Is Actually The Best

"Watch people watch TV, you must be kidding", so goes the critique of the unexposed and the uninitiated. They are right to be dubious, in the age of <em>Ex on the Beach</em>, television execs have a lot to answer for. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was my father's reaction when he found me watching a minute-long clip of Bristolian pensioners, Mary and Marina, chewing toffees in (near) silence.
12/06/2017 17:14 BST

Six Ways Viral Listicles Will Doom Journalism And All Humanity

Questions are worth asking when articles are being written with the main intention of maximizing shares. Journalism must evolve with the times, but if we are to reach the post-post-truth era, it must do so responsibly and not let its standards fall in the process.
02/06/2017 16:32 BST

Why I'll Be Voting Labour Despite Being Disappointed In Corbyn

If you're not planning to vote because you don't think politicians care about you. They probably don't care about you because you and your demographic don't vote enough. Register to vote, you have one day left. It takes five minutes. For the first time in a long time, we have a real choice between different worldviews.
22/05/2017 09:12 BST