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Amanda Statham

Travel editor of Cosmopolitan & freelance travel writer

Travel editor of Cosmopolitan UK, Celebrity Editor of Family Traveller magazine and freelance travel writer for the nationals including The Telegraph and The Guardian. I've visited 58 countries so far and I'm as happy in a VW Camper in Cornwall as I am in a five-star in the Seychelles (though if you're going to make me choose, I'll take the Indian Ocean island option). I've jumped off waterfalls in Bavaria, tracked leopards in Oman, dived with 40 sharks in the Galapagos, learnt to surf hungover in Hawaii, circled Mount Everest and danced in Trinidad carnival covered in mud at sunrise. Now I've got two children, four-year-old Sonny and eight-week-old Sol, I'm still travelling the globe (though with a lot more luggage, toys and snacks).

Five Brilliant Family Days Out In The UK

A recent survey revealed an average family of four spends around £3500 on an annual holiday abroad (£860pp), that's an awful lot of days out back home...
14/07/2017 13:17 BST

Family Holiday Ideas For The Whole Year

I was going to write a 'great places to go this summer' feature, but I'm a parent, I know the reality. There's actually a whole year spreading out before us, full of half term breaks, the occasional non-pupil day, a vast summer vacation and plenty of sneaky bank holidays.
13/03/2017 15:11 GMT

Celebrity Family Travel Tips

Over the years I've had to interview celebrities for work and there's no denying those with kids know some great places for a family getaway (not all uber expensive) and useful travel accessories too...
15/10/2015 17:42 BST

Five Essential Items for Travelling With a Baby

I recently took my seven-week-old to Vevey in Switzerland by train (that's a baby travel blog post to come!). The journey went well (we're still alive) thanks to good preparation (loco2 proved to be an easy-to-use train journey planner) and some key travel essentials...
18/08/2015 16:10 BST

Is It Safe to Fly When You're Pregnant?

Of course there are steps you can take to ensure you and baby are as safe as possible and enjoy the journey rather than simply survive it, so here's everything I've learnt about flying pregnant over the last couple of child-rearing years while working as a travel writer, which will hopefully give you confidence if you're having flying jitters and some peace of mind too.
04/06/2015 12:42 BST

Ten Tips for Flying With Your Toddler

Gone are the days when I can rush out of the door with a passport, flip-flops and bikini. Travelling with a toddler takes effort and it's easier if you've got everything you need (and a bit more).
11/05/2015 23:05 BST