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Barbara Keeley

Shadow Cabinet Member for Mental Health and Social Care

Tory Ministers Need To Wake Up To The Deepening Crisis In Care

Jeremy Hunt's actions on delayed discharges have sent a clear message: that this Government is only interested in social care insofar as it helps relieve pressure on the NHS. It is time that Jeremy Hunt finally woke up to the deepening crisis in care created on his watch and argued for the extra funding needed to stabilise the care sector and fund a decent living wage for care staff.
16/08/2017 09:10 BST

Social Care Is On Brink Of Collapse - The Autumn Statement Should've Fixed That

Without extra funding for social care this promises to be a long hard winter for our health and social care systems. The most visible manifestation of the pressures caused by cuts to social care budgets is the rapid growth in delayed transfers of care from hospital. The September figure of over 196,000 delayed days was a record. A record in delayed discharges not in winter, but at the end of summer.
24/11/2016 08:43 GMT