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Belle Lupton

Broadcast Journalist

Belle is a freelance broadcast journalist currently based in London and splitting her time between BBC Radio 4 News and Al Jazeera English. She has worked for Keo Films, ORTV International, BBC Breakfast and ITV Fixers. Her favourite things include travel, film, theatre, music and novels.

Two Weeks Left to See Cillian Murphy at the National - Worth it?

If you thought the UK premiere of Enda Walsh's one-man play <em>Misterman</em> would drown in the National's cavernous Lyttelton Theatre, you'd be wrong. Clearly aware of the space he has to fill, Cillian Murphy has already inhabited every nook of the divided stage and thrown oil drums into the crannies he's missed before the first five minutes are up.
15/05/2012 15:48 BST

Israel and Hamas' Prisoner Exchange - What's in a Name?

How can one channel fully and accurately report an event like that of yesterday? In the case of Israel - Palestine (and now Hamas), it probably can't. The Israel - Palestine conflict is so imbued with emotion that it is almost impossible to find anyone to comment on it impartially.
19/10/2011 23:56 BST