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Billy Reeves

Billy works for BBC radio, which he loves with all his heart

I read the news, the traffic reports and do football commentary - all for BBC radio. I used to be in a band with Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I'm from Staines. I'm on the twitter @TheBillyReeves

Pre-Season to Taste

Most of us lower division football fans can now relax and start thinking about next season. Start hoping. And planning. We're mostly aware of which players are leaving our club and everyone is after a solid centre half and 20 goals-a-season forward we all think we need to be a decent side next year.
11/05/2012 21:36 BST


I am especially aware of rude words being shocking/inappropriate as I work for BBC local radio, where even "bloody" is <em>verboten</em> on air. The BBC has a sweary chart which it published internally every two years (with 'MF' & the 'c' word usually being top dogs.
27/03/2012 22:39 BST

Football, the Nostalgia of the Future?

If you believe open terraces, skins with Stanley knives, getting coined at the railway station, unpoliced 'football special' trains, pitch invasions, running battles with police horses and throwing bananas at John Barnes were good - you want your head testing.
25/03/2012 22:23 BST

Viva Wylie!

It was Pete Wylie's birthday yesterday. What a dude. A pop star in his own head.
23/03/2012 14:46 GMT

Bleat Release Me

The Eurovision Song Contest demonstrates not that "Europe hates us" but that "we", the inventors of pop music, are way behind the rest of Europe when it comes to the Grand Prix de Chanson. And, perhaps significantly, that we simply don't understand our near neighbours.
21/03/2012 22:18 GMT