Charli Cohen Founder of Charli Cohen Technical Fashion

Charli Cohen trained at Kingston University London as a fashion designer, whilst simultaneously qualifying as a personal trainer. Her eponymous, British brand is born out of her knowledge of these two passions: fashion and performance. Graduating aged 22, as womenswear student of the year in 2012 and awarded sponsorship and mentoring by Invista (Lycra), the Charli Cohen brand launched a year later, immediately gaining a strong digital following and on-going attention from press such as Vogue, Elle and The New York Times. CC has since been spotted on the likes of Kate Upton, Alessandra Ambrosio and Hannah Bronfman. Fun fact: Charli decided she wanted to be a fashion designer whilst sailing with her family from England to New Zealand and spent long days at sea sketching clothes. She launched her first fashion brand aged 15, as a ‘test run’ for what she knew would be her long-term career path.

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