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Chris George

Chris George is freelance graphic designer and illustrator, born, bred and based, like most graphic designers, in London.

He also runs independent fashion label Sally Can't Dance, established in 2007. Specialising in witty illustrations based on everything from pop culture to Mesoamerican folklore, Sally Can't Dance primarily provides Chris with a way to legitimise his penchant for drawing dinosaurs.

As a Hackney Native, I Think the Hipsters Have Helped

It's easy to sneer at hipsters as tedious and pretentious, but their influx has meant that areas of Hackney previously written off as shit holes are now famous for being energetic and creative. East London has the Olympics next year, and Hackney can show the whole god-damn world how far it's come.
16/11/2011 17:36 GMT

Apple & BlackBerry Crumble, Served With White Whine

My girlfriend has a BlackBerry, one of my housemates has an iPhone, and another housemate has both; they've all been having a spot of bother this week. I have an Android phone and so I've rarely been more smug, which is saying something.
13/10/2011 23:53 BST

Why I'm not Excited About the Apple Announcement

Apple without Steve Jobs is like Cuba without Fidel Castro. In practice there's very little functional difference, but seeing someone other than that iconic figure make a huge announcement just doesn't seem right.
04/10/2011 13:08 BST