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Claire Mitchell


Mum-of-one Claire Mitchell, 43, spent 15 years working in marketing, until finding herself in an intolerably stressful job.

She decided to set up on her own, and within a couple of years she was even able to take on staff. But then the recession hit, and in 2011 she was forced to put the company into liquidation.

By this point she had a three-year-old daughter so really didn’t know what she was going to do. Losing her business was tough – her husband’s salary was too little to cover the mortgage, and she had a young child to think about. She was in dire straits. And she knew she wasn’t the only woman business owner who was experiencing this.

She set up a Facebook group called The Girls Mean Business as a forum for other business women to vent their frustrations or share their worries about work. The amazing feedback she received from around the world encouraged her to EXPAND FAST.

Claire used her marketing experience and new skills and set up coaching programmes she could offer the women in the group. As word got out, the group grew at an amazing rate – within 3 months there were 3000 fans, and today, 18 months on, there are more than 14,000 from around the world.

Claire realised there were LOTS of women like her out there. They’d lost their jobs through redundancy, or they’d stopped working to have children, and now they wanted some direction. She wanted to share her experiences with them and help them learn from what she’d been through. And to teach them how to make their businesses grow – no matter what their situation or budget.

She now has several hundred coaching clients from all over the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and the US who credit her with dramatically increasing their incomes. (And doing it in a bite-sized way that doesn’t feel overwhelming)

Claire also offers free advice and business resources, such as webinars, on the Girls Mean Business Facebook page.

She has 4000+ subscribers from 15 countries who love receiving her weekly newsletter and Bite Sized Tips on marketing.


Don't Be A Fighty Bird!

Watching their every move. Getting frustrated with their actions. Getting annoyed with them for building their business and trying to be successful even though you know you are just as good, or better? How many hours have you wasted on that?
20/04/2017 13:55 BST

17 Ways to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday

Here are 17 ideas to help you make the most of Small Business Saturday, no matter where you are in the world. Small Business Saturday is on 5th December 2015 in the UK and 28th November 2015 in the US.
12/11/2015 12:00 GMT

11 Things You NEED on Your Small Business Website

I see so many websites out there that look beautiful at first glance, but don't do what they've been designed to do. I see lots more that look, well pretty uninspiring really and definitely let the side down when it comes to showing their business off at its best.
03/11/2015 11:01 GMT

What the Heck Is PR, Anyway?

You've heard people talking about PR, 'oooh you MUST use PR in your marketing' or 'I'm going to outsource my PR' but what does it even mean? PR is public relations. Which still doesn't really mean anything.
16/03/2015 12:33 GMT

Why I Used to Hate Blogging (But Love It Now)

As I was reading something from my Facebook page that I have all the material I'll ever need because I'll write about what I see and hear and watch, day to day and how we can use it in our business. And that's fun!
20/05/2014 13:31 BST

Facebook Likes Don't Equal Sales

The fact is that it's SO easy to get fixated on the numbers. I know what it's like to be chasing the next big milestone - the next round hundred or thousand. I'd look at other pages for women business owners and get downhearted that they had way more likes than me.
01/05/2014 14:03 BST

Doggy Paddle Will Do!

Perfection is over-rated. All the time you're worrying about getting things perfect, you're not getting your products, services, blogs or social media out there. You're stuck at the side of the pool trying to perfect your Olympic front crawl when a doggy paddle would get you to the other side.
11/04/2014 11:59 BST

What Will People Think?

Growing an online business is such a rewarding experience. Creating online coaching and training programmes is a brilliant way to make a living.
09/04/2014 13:05 BST

My Apprentice TV Debut and Facing My Fears

We had to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we did. And six months later we drove down to London to pitch our make-up business to the Apprentices. They were looking for products they could take, sell and make the most money on.
04/04/2014 11:48 BST

Turn Up Your 'Me' Factor And Stand Out!

In the first couple of years of my business I went through a phase of signing up to every freebie out there. Every webinar, telesummit, free ebook, white paper or report that had anything to do with my business, I was there, handing over my email address with excitement and anticipation!
28/03/2014 10:45 GMT

Five Tips on Outsourcing Your Baby

I asked the ladies on my Facebook page this week what their biggest business struggle was - as you can imagine I got a whole raft of replies (which gave me some ideas for some fabulous blog posts) and one lady said...
24/03/2014 15:11 GMT

Three Easy Ideas For Brilliant Blogs

There is an activity that goes on in the houses of women business owners around the world on a regular basis - it involves staring into space, wringing of hands, chewing of nails and various expletives and I'm pretty sure it's been the cause of a fair few grey hairs.
24/03/2014 15:09 GMT

I Don't Like the Sound of My Voice

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard this complaint when I've been working with ladies who are creating online coaching programmes. I don't like the sound of my voice, I sound odd/weird, I've got a funny accent, no-one will understand me, I'm too nasal, I speak too quickly, blah, blah, blah!
14/03/2014 10:12 GMT

Three Ways to Get People Talking About Your Facebook Page - FAST!

These days I always get likes on all my posts, and I usually get a bunch of comments and shares too among my 16,000 fans. I've worked out some key ingredients that are pretty much guaranteed to put a spark into your Facebook page and get people talking. I've made them easy to remember too, because they are the 3 Qs.
10/12/2013 14:59 GMT

How Much Do I Need to Spend on Marketing?

<em>It's about the RIGHT marketing to the RIGHT people.</em> It's about understanding why your ideal customers need you and how you can give them incredible value. Once you get that right, THEN you can start to invest in making your marketing bigger and better but ONLY once you've got your marketing message and targeting spot on, otherwise you're throwing good money after bad.
09/12/2013 12:48 GMT

Three Secrets to Keeping Your Best Customers

Getting new customers takes a lot of work. You've put all that work into marketing and managed to entice lots of lovely buyers. Now what are you doing to encourage them to stay with you? (And you <strong>DO </strong>need to encourage them to stay, otherwise they might be tempted by a better offer and leave).
06/12/2013 15:38 GMT