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Clare Pelham

Chief Executive at Epilepsy Society

Pharmas Must Play Fair: Government Must Play Fast

When it comes to delivering healthcare in a timely and costly manner, we cannot wait a decade to get our act together. We are on the cusp of a new era in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions.
21/12/2016 13:07 GMT

Did You Go to School?

It sounds like a ridiculous question. Of course you went to school. And so did everyone you know. It's where you made your first and, often, best friends. It's where you learned to read and write and where you began your education.
21/01/2016 10:51 GMT

Facing a Second Battle Today

As Armistice Day approaches, our thoughts are with those who have given their lives in conflict so that we may live as we do. This time of year is very resonant to me personally as our founder Leonard Cheshire, the famous and decorated hero of the Second World War, started our charity by giving disabled veterans a home when they had nowhere else to go...
10/11/2015 16:17 GMT

Call to Change the Way We Think About Care

It is with great diffidence that I suggest that a lot of the very welcome and well-informed debate about how to provide suitable care and support for older and disabled people has centred around the wrong question. It is not and never should be, about "how do I keep my mum from going into care?" That is simply the wrong question.
09/02/2015 13:00 GMT

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Amazingly, providing good housing with care will likely mean that we free hospital beds where so many people stay because there is nowhere safe or suitable for them to be discharged. And so save our wonderful NHS much-needed money.
03/09/2014 14:11 BST

What Do the Prime Minister, the BBC and the National Union of Students Have in Common?

We know that disabled people have the potential, drive and desire to be our country's future leaders or entrepreneurs if they are given the chance. We also know that our best companies value talent and we're delighted to be able to connect the two. And we welcome support from anyone - NUS, Prime Minister or BBC - with the common sense to make common cause with us.
20/07/2014 20:22 BST

Farewell to Flying 15-Minute Care Visits

We will keep fighting to end the scandal of 15-minute care visits. Today's announcement is only a step along the way, but it's a big one. When the government releases its guidance on 15-minute visits later this month, we really hope that will be another big step towards fair care for everyone.
16/05/2014 10:06 BST

Are You OK With a Lady in the Gents?

Not so long ago there were separate "Ladies' Compartments" on trains. And indeed, more seriously, not only compartments of trains but also whole areas of employment that were closed to women. Now, that seems a thing of the dim and distant past. And the debate has moved on to whether we are all sufficiently cool for <em>Ally McBeal</em>-style unisex toilets at work.
17/07/2013 11:31 BST

Would You Break the Silence in a Hushed and Crowded Train Compartment?

As part of our #MakeCareFair campaign to end 15 minute care, we have conducted a confidential survey with care workers up and down the country. They have told us it is impossible to carry out everyday tasks such as feeding, bathing and supporting someone to get dressed with any decency or consideration in this short time slot.
08/07/2013 15:41 BST

Dambusters: Living Legacy

Leonard Cheshire was one of the youngest commanding officers 617 Squadron ever had and one of the most decorated pilots of the conflict. The experiences he had during the war changed his life - and quite literally has transformed the lives of thousands of disabled people across the world.
15/05/2013 13:50 BST

Jill Archer Is My Role Model (Or How to Say 'No' Gracefully)

The first time I heard someone say, "If you want something done, ask a busy woman", was about 20 years ago during an episode of <em>The Archers</em> when Jill Archer, the matriarch of the family saga, was looking for someone to cover her volunteering role at the WRVS.
08/03/2013 13:15 GMT

Is It Only Jam Tomorrow for Disabled People?

The shocking truth is that at this moment, nearly 70,000 disabled people in this country do not receive care that meets their basic needs, such as washing or dressing, or eating a hot meal every day.
15/02/2013 17:10 GMT

How Long From Bed to Front Door?

Ask your friends and colleagues how long it takes them every morning from the unwelcome alarm to the clunk of the front door closing behind them? The answers can illuminate their world view in an intriguing way.
29/01/2013 22:21 GMT