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David Orr

Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation

David Orr is Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation and recently former President of CECODHAS-Housing Europe, the European Liaison Committee for Social Housing. He has chaired the mobility taskforce which recently reported on how to increase social housing mobility. He also sits on the board of The Housing Finance Corporation (THFC). He was a member of the Social Investment Task Force which supports the development of social investment in the UK and is one of the founding directors of My Home Finance, a social enterprise set up by the federation to provide a new high street service offering affordable loans, money advice, bank accounts and linked savings accounts. Previously, David has been Chief Executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and of Newlon Housing Trust, having also worked with Centrepoint. David was awarded in 2010 an honorary membership of the CIH.

Make Social Housing Our Nation's Badge Of Honour

Housing association and council tenants are, in truth, just like the rest of us - people doing their best for themselves and their families. They are doing so in what are often cripplingly difficult circumstances. In these situations, nobody should be blamed for poverty or characterised as a cheat, scrounger or failure.
29/08/2017 10:40 BST

An Autumn Statement Of Intent On Housing

As the Prime Minister has said, we simply need to build more homes. Today her government backed up that rhetoric with action, announcing an extra £1.4billion for more affordable homes as well as flexibility over how housing investment is spent.
23/11/2016 15:19 GMT

We've Listened to Your Ideas, Now Listen to Ours, Say Housing Associations

Housing associations are ready and willing to do more. We offer a partnership to agree objectives and produce a genuinely strategic response. What the current generation, and their children's generation, need is a government and housing sector that work together to help them into the homes they need. This isn't about generating headlines, it's about building homes and meeting families' aspirations and the need to work together to achieve that.
09/07/2015 12:25 BST

Seven Reasons Why Extending 'Right to Buy' to Housing Associations Is Plain Bad Policy

Housing is already shaping up to be one of the key issues in the manifestos and in the election campaign. That's great. But the headline issue in the Conservative Party manifesto is a promise to extend the Right to Buy. This is comprehensively the wrong solution. In fact, as a measure to end the housing crisis, this is just about the worst idea yet.
14/04/2015 11:03 BST

Housing Crisis Goes to the Heart of Westminster

This is not a series of individual failures. This is a structural economic failure which is resulting in acute human misery and frustration. It is limiting our prospects for sustained economic growth. It is a failure of politics and government.
03/03/2015 17:38 GMT

Giving Away Homes Would Be Bonkers

If you are an avid reader of the <em>Daily Telegraph</em> or <em>Times</em> you will be aware that there is a new round of speculation that some of our politicians are interested in extending the Right to Buy to housing associations... If there is a serious proposal to legislate again, it will fail again. And here's why.
12/02/2015 17:28 GMT

Say Yes to Homes to Solve Our Housing Crisis

We have plenty of land - despite what some people will tell you. As a nation, we can afford to make the investment which puts people back to work, is good for the economy and which delivers great homes. It will take time but it is possible. So why are we not building?
21/02/2014 09:01 GMT

Towards a Vision: Housing Associations and England's Housing Crisis

We can't afford to be caught unaware like this again. There is too much at stake: the country is in a housing crisis and needs housing associations to build homes, while millions of people around the country depend on them for shelter. These businesses need to be strong and must be able to weather even the harshest of storms.
15/11/2013 11:25 GMT

Join the Movement: Say Yes to More Homes and a Brighter Future

While a quarter of parents said having their grown-up children at home had brought their family closer together, others were not so positive. A fifth said it caused them stress and a further fifth said it had caused family arguments. Worryingly, one in ten parents said having a grown-up child living at home has caused them to fall into debt.
06/09/2013 11:21 BST

If We Want to House Our Future, We Need to Start Building Now

For hundreds of thousands of other babies born in the UK this year, such housing options will be fantasy. But the least they will expect when finding a job after school or university is that their wages pay for a roof over their head, with enough left over to live a decent life, cover their bills and set aside towards their pension.
22/07/2013 10:22 BST

Now Is the Time to Start Building Houses

We desperately need housing to be a national priority to deliver a huge increase in new homes. Our continued failure to tackle this problem head on hits millions of families hard, denies people the opportunity to buy their own home, traps increasing numbers of working people in benefit dependency at huge cost to the public purse and acts as a real brake on economic growth.
15/11/2012 18:13 GMT

Time to Tackle our Housing Crisis

For people, for neighbourhoods, for the economy, for aspiration, for the strivers and all of those who do the right thing, we must say Yes to homes.
22/10/2012 10:58 BST

From Riots to Olympics - What Lessons We Can Learn

For over seven million people last year their housing associations became their great team and provided that support. But they have done much, much more than just give them a much-needed hand up.
08/08/2012 10:50 BST

The Budget Was a Lost Opportunity for Housing and the Economy

For those of us involved in housing, the growth agenda is what matters. We understand how important growth is for the economy and how essential it is that we create new jobs, not least because so many housing associations are exploring ways of assisting their residents to get into work.
21/03/2012 16:46 GMT