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Dr Becky Spelman

Harley Street psychologist

Dr Becky Spelman is one of the UK's leading psychologists, with a highly regarded Harley Street practice.

Get Over That Break-Up! How to Prepare Yourself Psychologically for Dating

The only solution for your lifetime of happiness is to start with yourself, and prepare (and often repair) your self-esteem to a level where you can and will be happy if you are on your own. Once you have achieved this, then dating becomes a joyful experience of meeting people who could potentially join your life, and provide even greater happiness.
03/03/2016 17:25 GMT

How His Relationship With His Mum Could Spell The End Of Yours

I've always been interested in the relationships between parents and kids, and the impact of these in future, and this got me thinking, what other kinds of mother/son relationships are out there, and what are they likely to do to future romantic relationships. Do you recognise your partner from the below categories? If so, I hope the advice here is helpful in helping to shape a better relationship for you.
28/02/2016 20:52 GMT

The Duchess of Cambridge Is Right - Young Minds Really Do Matter

This is particularly notable with younger audiences, who have really started to acknowledge the importance of adopting a patient and respectful attitude to mental health issues. This of course has its roots in their family life, education, and popular culture, which have collectively moved forward in a very positive way.
22/02/2016 12:07 GMT

Understanding Sexual Fetishes

Much research has been undertaken to best comprehend the underlying desire behind fetishes, and there is no general black and white consensus, with, ironically, many shades of grey. Here we explore some of the theories I have found most compelling when working directly with patients with fetishes.
01/02/2016 16:39 GMT

Online Daters Be Wary - Dating Sites Attract Psychopaths and Love Addicts

For many, online dating is a great and positive way of meeting people in today's fast paced, digital age, but we should be very mindful that a significant minority of online daters are likely to be damaging to you, as they are either emotionally sapping to you or, more harmfully, psychopathic.
21/01/2016 17:18 GMT

2015 Was the Year of Casual Sex - But Is It Dangerous for Your Psychological Health?

During my career as a psychologist in clinical practice, if there's one word I have heard more than any other from the thousands of patients I have consulted with it's 'sex',. However, in 2015 the frequency and depth of sex in my patients' lives appeared to increase in its importance, seemingly due to the ever increasingly sexualised and consumerist society we live in.
10/01/2016 21:58 GMT