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Emma Clarke

Broadcaster, voiceover, writer, slattern

Emma Clarke has written comedy and drama for TV, radio and the stage and has been known to be gobby online in various opinion pieces. She also writes books. She can often be heard being sanctimonious on BBC radio, most usually on 5Live. She has previous for being a comedy performer (radio, telly and stage) and also dabbles in stand-up. Emma is one of the UK's leading voiceovers and the fruits of her award-winning mouth can be heard all over the world. She's one of the 'Mind The Gap' voices on London Underground. You can follow Emma on Twitter (@emmabclarke). More info about her can be found on her website

My Son, The Ballet Boy

I danced when I was younger. My mother was a dance teacher, so dance is in his blood, in his body. I felt that rather than force him to go to a lesson, I'd wait and let things unfold. My worry was that if I pushed him too soon, he'd be put off. He had to feel ready. He had to be enthusiastic. He had to want to do it.
17/03/2017 12:31 GMT

'POTUS Is A Liar, Son. But Don't Let That Worry You'

If kids understand that people in positions of mighty power can lie - and lie epicly on a gargantuan scale - what does that mean for their understanding of authority, the law, the concept of trust, and, god help us, integrity?
07/02/2017 12:58 GMT

Victims of Violence: I Don't Know What They're Talking About

As I write this, my children are asleep upstairs. I haven't the words to express my gratitude for my good fortune. And I realise that because of the work the Foundation does, I hope that no-one ever again really understands what it means to have their lives ravaged by conflict.
08/10/2015 12:07 BST

10 Reasons Why I Asked My 13-Year-Old to Sign a Social Media Agreement

We talked about a whole bunch of stuff. This opened up conversations that led to other conversations and I it helped me understand how young people use the internet and how they feel about it. It's easy to forget that today's teenagers have grown up in a digital environment - I didn't.
30/09/2015 09:29 BST

Please Don't Tell Me I'm 'Lucky' My Parents Are Already Dead

Although it seems a lifetime ago, it feels like yesterday. Time doesn't heal; it just makes grief go out of focus. And anything can bring it sharply back again: a photograph, a scent, a memory or just the endless yearning pall of homesickness so familiar to people who've lost their parents too early.
30/07/2014 15:25 BST

Seven Ways to Ruin a Friendship

I like to think of myself as a pretty easygoing woman. I have great female friends. I get on with many, many women. But, man, there are times when engaging in girl-talk can feel like you've been chucked in a bear pit.
29/07/2014 15:16 BST

How I Told My Daughter She's Autistic

Telling my daughter she's autistic is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. She'd had the assessment, she'd been to the psychologist's office and she's not daft, she knew exactly why she was there; she'd read the posters on the walls. She'd have to know. I had to tell her.
27/07/2014 22:19 BST

Why Watching the Olympics Is Lowering My Life Expectancy

Let me come clean: I'm a sports letch. Footy, snooker, darts, athletics, cycling - basically, anything but bloody boxing - I love watching sport. I punch the air, do a funny little jiggly dance when it gets exciting and swear at the TV like a drunken nun. But now the Olympics are here I didn't expect to become obsessed. It's only Day Four and since I switched on the telly on Saturday morning I've barely moved.
31/07/2012 14:51 BST

50 Shades of Beige: Why?

For me, I thought the book was one of the most badly written piles of sh**e I've ever read. I didn't find it sexy but then again, I find James May quite sexy so that tells you a lot about my personal taste.
25/07/2012 09:37 BST