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Emma Jones

Entertainment and culture correspondent

Emma decided to be a music journalist in her teenage years after noticing a shocking dearth in the number of women interviewing rock stars in leather trousers. She's since added film, fashion and popular culture to her interests and works as an entertainment reporter for BBC TV News, as well as writing for The Independent and Grazia. Music, especially of the sweaty guitar variety, remains her greatest professional pleasure, and she definitely once got Dave Grohl confused with God. Catch her at

Why I Never Want to Be Elizabeth Bennet

Who wanted to be Lizzie Bennet? Not me, aged 10, that's for sure. I wanted to be elder sister Jane, who was beautiful and good. She thought the best of everyone, even when Miss Bingley was being a total cow. Even then, I felt dimly, this was going to be beyond me, and therefore something to aspire to.
29/01/2013 23:09 GMT

The Ugliness is Within, Not On TV

Any female on British TV who hasn't wept over her appearance at one point is either lying, or Holly Willoughby. It's so depressingly important.
02/05/2012 19:34 BST

MTV EMAs - Where are our British Stars?

Our attitude to our music needs to change. We need to again become a nation of musical believers, rather than Beliebers. Otherwise, like poor old Jason Derulo, we'll always be sitting in the cheap seats.
08/11/2011 12:35 GMT

Mastodon on Later - Why has Jools Ignored Heavy Metal?

I think I once had Mastodon confused with Mastitis. That was my mistake. Mastodon - a self-described Sludge Metal band - merely causes inflammation of the ears. However, everything in me swelled up with joy when I heard that the Atlanta quartet were getting their four minutes on 'Later With Jools' on BBC Two last night.
19/10/2011 12:22 BST

Hollywood's Obsession With Remakes

We all know Hollywood is obsessed with the fresh ( just look at the sell by date of actresses.) But even they get 40 odd years. A film's lucky to have a span of 25 before a baby-faced, baseball-capped, Starbucks-carrying studio executive is screaming "remake!"
26/09/2011 00:06 BST