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Hilary Wardle

Freelance journalist

Hilary is a freelance journalist specialising in entertainment and technology. Over the years, she's worked as a bungee trampoline instructor (don't ask), a volunteering manager and a sandwich maker for the cast of Coronation Street, though not at the same time. She currently writes for MSN UK, Buzzfeed and a wide variety of other sites and publications.

More Needs to Be Done to Help UK Businesses Beat the Language Learning Crisis

A sticking plaster needs to be applied to significant cuts in university funding by subsidising languages at University level: essentially helping those departments stay afloat at a difficult time. If that happens then UK businesses may still have a chance when it comes to keeping up with the ambitious BRIC countries. If not, then the UK economy may never fully recover.
15/09/2014 15:31 BST

Nine Ways To Make Your Business Events More Engaging

Events don't always have to be held in a conference centre. You can hold them anywhere, and a more imaginative location will spark creativity amongst attendees. Why not source a derelict (but safe) vacant space, or even hold your event outdoors?
25/08/2014 15:33 BST

Can We Please Stop Being So Overdramatic About E-Cigarettes?

Propylene glycol is a solvent, and there is a natural hesitation when it comes to the idea of breathing in a 'chemical'. There are over 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, nearly all of which are more harmful than propylene glycol. Yes, of course it isn't ideal and we don't know much about the long term health risks associated with inhaling it, but surely one chemical is better than 4000?
18/08/2014 13:27 BST

Are Healthy Holidays the UK's New Fitness Trend?

We've all been there: you diet for months before a trip so that you don't scare any locals at the beach, then spend your longed for holiday drinking cream-based cocktails, eating kebabs and lying down.
30/07/2014 14:41 BST

The Countries Terrorizing The Cyber World: Where Do Most DDoS Attacks Come From?

Connecting a computer to the internet without a virus protection program is as reckless as leaving your property in the street. It's an open invitation to hackers... they wrangle these herds of infected computers into massive botnets that can bring down whole websites and web-accessed systems at the touch of a button.
22/07/2014 11:14 BST

How to Deal With Pet Hair

Don't you just hate it when you come home from work and find a circle of dark dog or cat hair on your white duvet cover or sofa? Does it drive you crazy? Do you spend all of your spare cash on lint rollers?Do you get tired of finding drifts of it under beds, on clothing and along skirting boards?
08/07/2014 14:12 BST

"Appy Shoppers": How a New Breed of Shopping Apps Could Save You Money

Remember the bad old days when looking for an online bargain meant trawling through every site you could think of in an attempt to find the cheapest version of a product? ... thanks to some newfangled tools, that could soon be a thing of the past... Here are a few handy apps that may well help you save some serious money.
03/07/2014 14:10 BST

It's Time to Stop Playing Politics With Mental Health

It's great that some politicians have spoken out in an attempt to dispel some of the stigma around mental ill health, but it is deeply unethical to pretend to champion mental health care while simultaneously backing swingeing cuts to both the welfare safety blanket and NHS mental health services.
18/06/2014 17:23 BST

10 Incredibly Creative Uses for VoIP

Cheap or free Voice Over Internet Protocol calls- commonly known as VoIP - have become hugely popular in recent years popularity thanks to the success of mass market services such as Skype.
04/06/2014 13:35 BST

Dragon Planes and Doritos: Is Co-Branding as Crazy as It Sounds?

In its simplest form, co-branding involves two companies joining forces in order to better penetrate the market. One of the earliest examples occurred in 1956 when Renault joined forces with famous jewellery chain Van Cleef and Arpels to decorate the dashboard of one of their newly introduced Renault Dauphines.
24/03/2014 14:55 GMT

Review: Heading Out (BBC2)

The main problem with Sue Perkins is that she's Sue Perkins. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that in a bad way.
01/03/2013 19:26 GMT

Five Careers Liz Lemon Could Try Next

Just in case Liz Lemon decides that working on a comedy where people regularly roll their eyes, turn to a dog and say 'don't even <em>SAY</em> it!' isn't for her, here are five alternative careers she could try.
04/02/2013 15:48 GMT