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James Coe

Interested in political theory and current affairs, technology

James Coe recently graduated with an MA in Politics from the University of Warwick. He has since held positions in the Civil Service and the UK Parliament. He is interested in all things political but is particularly interested in asking 'where next?', as opposed to 'what's now?'.

Mass Surveillance: Britain's Internet Must Remain Free

The answer to our surveillance dilemma lies in targeted surveillance, a warrant process overseen by the judiciary, an annual parliamentary public scrutiny of the security services, legislated protections for the professional privileges of doctors and lawyers and, most of all, a proper and lengthy public debate void of vague and fear inducing inferences to terror plots and criminal gangs.
03/11/2015 17:15 GMT

Myanmar: Punishing Dissent

As the world's magnifying glass increasingly hones in on this once obscure country, it is likely that scrutiny of its human rights record will only intensify.
30/10/2015 12:09 GMT

Should Hackerspaces Replace Libraries?

The value of hackerspaces is that they, like traditonal libraries, democratise educational tools. Developing an app or editing a video at home requires hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds worth of investment. This is an obvious hurdle for many people looking to innovate.
12/10/2015 10:07 BST

Will Virtual Reality Replace the News?

Even if you are simply watching a video, VR makes you feel as if you are there witnessing it. This is potentially a very powerful tool for reporters. Imagine if you could truly feel as if you are in Aleppo, Syria, standing atop a ruined building, surveying the destruction of the civil war.
21/09/2015 17:17 BST

Generation Rent: Wipe Your Shoes on the Way In

First-time buyers face an average deposit of roughly £26,500. This is all only made worse by the fact that renting is now actually more expensive than paying a mortgage in all but five UK cities, so actually saving for a deposit is increasingly difficult as well.
10/06/2013 21:35 BST

Altruism Online: Five Uplifting Stories From Reddit

I want to share five stories of when people have used the social media website Reddit to unconditionally help another. The lesson is simple - if we all do whatever little things we can to help one another today, in the future we'll all receive payment in kindness; money isn't always necessary.
28/05/2013 23:10 BST