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James R Brown

Partner and family-law expert at JMW Solicitors

James is a partner and expert in family law at JMW Solicitors.

He specialises in divorce cases involving complex financial issues and has acted for and advised a wide range of clients from teachers, doctors and lawyers through to celebrities and businessmen with personal wealth of over £50 million.

James is a Resolution-accredited specialist in complex financial cases and children law and has been published in various legal and non-legal publications including the Daily Telegraph, Accountancy Magazine, New Law Journal, The Solicitor’s Gazette, Cheshire Life and Insider. He also gives regular lectures to fellow lawyers and other professionals.

He is named as a Leading Expert in the independent directory Chambers and Partners.
He trained and worked at leading London family-law firm Manches LLP before returning to his home city of Manchester in 2007 to join Pannone. He joined JMW Solicitors in November 2011.

When 'Girl Power' Marriages Lose Their Spark

We are seeing a growing tide of women of this sort who are being divorced by their younger husbands as soon as they reach middle age. In fact, cases of this nature are up just over a third in the course of the last three years.
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Wedding Vows 2014 - 'Til Debt Us Do Part

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Has the Seven-Year Itch Become the 11-Year Itch?

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The Hobbies That Can Hamper Fair Divorce Settlements

Remember, you may end up lying to a judge and this is an offence that could land you in prison. There have been cases where deceptive divorcees have ended up in prison for over a year - and it's hard to imagine a much worse result than that.
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