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Kate Bryan

Art historian and arts broadcaster

Converting to Baroque Art in Rome

Personally, aside from my passion for the painter Caravaggio, it was a period and a style of art that took me a while to devote time to. To be honest I resisted it at first. Instead, I loved the human quality of the Renaissance - the proportion, the intimacy and the harmony. Baroque seemed so distant, remote and well, over the top.
24/05/2016 13:21 BST

Caravaggio Redefined Art by Not Learning the Rules

I have long been a devotee of Caravaggio and now, by virtue of living in Rome amidst churches where his paintings still hang, I have become an obsessive. I love taking people to see his paintings as there is no diminishing return.
16/05/2016 12:03 BST

Alan Jones: This Story is About You

It seems the world has never been so personal. We receive daily updates from a variety of sources about friends, family and even previously untouchable celebrities and public figures. There is little distinction between the real world and online social media content.
02/10/2012 14:39 BST

The Status of Fine Art Photography in a Digital Age

How many photos have you seen today? How many did you take this week? We live in a world saturated with images, in an era where more and more cameras are being produced and streamlined into other products.
03/05/2012 10:42 BST

The Big Egg Hunt

From Pancake Day, 200 giant and uniquely crafted Easter eggs have been smuggled into a variety of locations for 'The Fabergè Big Egg Hunt'. The eggs have been strategically placed throughout the capital, each designed by the world's leading artists, architects, designers and jewellers. Each egg therefore represents a unique moment to be discovered.
28/02/2012 21:52 GMT