Lauren Vaknine Writer, campaigner, formerly-disabled healthy living advocate and most importantly, wife and mumma

In 2010 I wrote and published a book called My Enemy, My Friend, which tells the story of my childhood with rheumatoid arthritis and how I eventually overcame it with diet, holistic therapies and a positive attitude. Since then I have been writing natural health-related articles which have been published in Natural Health, Top Sante, Health & Homeopathy, Simile, Arthritis Digest and Healthista and Huffington Post, and my story has been featured in The Sun, Reveal, The Jewish Chronical, Chat, The Sunday Times and My Weekly.

After 2 gruelling rounds of IVF, I finally gave birth to my beautiful baby boy in October 2015. My slightly alternative approach to parenting prompted me to start writing parenting articles.

I run a health-food and lifestyle blog at and am in the process of editing my first novel. (Publishers apply here! ;) ) I'm also trustee for the British Homeopathic Association.

I live in London with my husband, our son, Braxton and our dog, Milo. I love reading, writing, baking (and eating), and getting totally immersed in deep, long conversations while travelling in an old Mustang through America’s winding roads. (Really, I just did that. It was awesome!)