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Airlines Grow Digital Wings

The technology to create this future travel experience is already here. What it needs to make it fly is for airlines and their travel partners to adopt new technologies and cooperate more freely (even with competitors). This shared information in secure environment will collectively give us the smooth, trouble-free journey we all want.
26/08/2016 11:16 BST

Leadership Qualities for the Digital Age?

The digital economy will put an end to traditional 'command and control' leadership and make way for a more relaxed, democratic and collaborative style. In the meantime, those of us already in senior roles should start to prepare the ground and make it clear what sort of digital leadership qualities we value, encourage them in others and, not least, find them in ourselves.
23/06/2016 11:39 BST

Have We Placed Too Much Trust in Technology?

"You have reached your destination." We're all familiar with those reassuring words of navigation systems. But what if the place you reach is not the destination you programmed in? What if, despite what the voice in your car says, you're now somewhere you really don't want to be?
01/02/2016 16:55 GMT

Baby Boomers and the Future of Health Care

In the UK, the NHS talks about putting "patients in the driving seat of their care". Wearable technology, smart devices and online services are the tools we need to make that happen. And we baby boomers are going to be just fine with that.
28/10/2015 10:46 GMT

Shoppers Like Me

Online retail is easy and convenient, but shopping is also a social experience and this is where 'bricks and mortar' retailing continues to excel. A visit to a physical store can mean time with family and friends. And there are many purchases that people like to make, where they are able to see, touch and even smell products before making a choice.
21/05/2015 16:10 BST

The Death of Distance vs the Cult of Complexity

Technology - the core skill of CIOs - is the comparatively straight-forward piece of the uneasy alliance between technology, people and process. The ability to think and act creatively is the most in-demand skill for CIOs in the emerging landscape.
25/02/2015 12:17 GMT

Wifi in the Jungle? How the Internet Reaches the World's Most Remote Regions

Brazilians call them the Lucky Trucks or Caminhões da Sorte. They roll into town every week and in the remote mountain and jungle villages of Brazil they're a familiar sight. Parked up in the square, these gigantic HGVs - where the lottery draws are held - also sell national lottery tickets and provide simple banking services to people in some of the country's most far-flung villages.
08/10/2014 12:09 BST