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Naomi Mdudu

Editor and stylist behind independent fashion news website, The Fash Pack

Naomi Mdudu is the editor and stylist behind independent fashion news website, The Fash Pack, one of the UK's most influential fashion sites focusing on strong editorial features with leading designers and influential industry voices.

Naomi also works as a freelance stylist and journalists and currently resides in London.

Solange Knowles Responds to Her Natural-Hair Haters

The saga got me thinking. Where's the backlash coming from? Knowles is one of the few African-American women in the public eye actually embracing her natural hair so shouldn't this be supported rather than criticised?
12/06/2012 17:04 BST

The Career Of Dieting

Try Googling about the current famine in Somalia and you'll see 11.9 million results but try typing 'celebrity diets' and you'll get 51 million results. Unsurprising, no, but interesting nonetheless?
27/09/2011 00:01 BST

Asian Fashion Advertising's Unfamiliar Face

Asian models are generally absent in Western magazines. Fact. The excuse constantly given by the fashion industry is the need to reflect the racial demographic, where Asians are minorities compared to their Caucasian counterparts. Okay, so maybe there might be truth in that, but what's the excuse for the absence of Asian models in campaigns in Asia?
17/09/2011 04:46 BST