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Rob Dix

Artist manager and music startup founder

Rob Dix graduated in neuroscience, built up a PR company and has variously been a radio DJ, indie label boss and club promoter. What his mother refers to as lack of focus, he (misguidedly) refers to as ‘innate entrepreneurial energy’.

Rob writes and speaks on the new music industry – how it is both a threat to artists and an opportunity to carve out a rewarding independent career. It's a theme he puts into practice as an artist manager, and as founder of music merchandise startup Toto Merch.

Should Musicians Prefer Piracy to Streaming?

While Spotify is theoretically a great discovery platform (through apps, friends' playlists and an instant way of checking out recommendations), listeners are far more likely to be grazing than appraising, and may not go on to form a real connection with the musician.
31/01/2012 22:13 GMT

What Will BBC Cuts Mean for Local Music?

How should the BBC achieve cuts of 20% across the board? Maybe a cut in executive pay, sacking Chris Moyles or taking fewer taxis would be a start. Instead, they're proposing cutting BBC Introducing - a network of local radio shows playing new music from the area, and feeding into a national Radio 1 show. The Introducing show is the very definition of public service (and something a commercial operator wouldn't touch), and life for musicians outside London will be much tougher without it.
10/01/2012 22:52 GMT