Shivvy Jervis Award-winning Futurist, Speaker and Presenter

Voted one of the ‘most creative thinkers in tech’ and a thought leader ‘making digital Britain tick’, Shivvy (@shivvyjervis) is a futurist and video series creator uncovering the ground-breaking advances that could transform our day-to-day lives.

Shivvy has been commended as having “the remarkable capacity to uncouple the relevant from the mere buzz” (Curator of TED Global), a “true expert with tremendous charisma” (the UK’s former Digital Minister) and an “outstanding presenter” (author of Turnaround Challenge).

She has received over 15 pieces of recognition including 4 national award nominations - this includes being voted one of London's top 10 future leaders, named by CNN as a UK success story and winning a Britain's Asian Women of Achievement award!

Shivvy is best known for her work as creator and presenter of two high-traffic video series' (averaging 350K+views per episode) - Digital Futures (demystifying future tech) and The Trailblazers (discovering millennial founders using tech-for-good). You can watch both here - In both, she curates fast-paced dialogue on the impact of emerging technologies with industry heavyweights and new founders alike.

Shivvy champions the notion of ‘tech-for-good’ and purpose-driven innovation - the sheer power of the digital and tech arena to drive meaningful and sustainable impact. As a former business journalist, she has a sharp sense for not only what is newsworthy, but critically what will make headlines in the future.

She is highly active on the speaking circuit, stirring up high-octane debate and delivering keynotes. Shivvy is also the Head of Digital Content for the world's third largest telco for whom she acts as a multimedia storyteller.

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