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Tanya Mackay

Co Founder of Mama Mio Skincare

Tanya Kazeminy Mackay, one of the founders of Mama Mio Skincare,
was born in London and brought up in Minnesota before tracing her
roots back to England. (A few things happened in between, such as
a stint in the Middle East, a few dubious boyfriends in her teens and
a BA in International Business and Psychology). Her work history
started with a few years in an advertising agency (good grounding in
the powers of marketing) followed by a few years in fashion (buying
at Harrods). She met Sian and Kathy (Mama Mio’s other founding
partners) nineteen years ago and a beauty business was born – mostly
she has never looked back! Her talent lies in words and she tends to
be the scribe of the trio - communicating through the packaging and
website ideas and conversations shared between the three friends.

 In her precious spare time Tanya indulges her guilty passion for
all things fashion. A firm believer in mixing it up she combines all
manner of items to create an eclectic and entertaining daily look. A
practical girl at heart said look must take her from bike to boardroom
to playground to party (who has time to change?). She knows her
devotion to fashion is shallow but loves it just the same. She attempts
to add depth by reading weighty books from worthy authors and
discussing the alarming state of world politics with fervor.
Major NPD successes include Finn and Cally. While she likes to think
she is the boss, her two boys definitely rule the roost.

Late Summer Lovin'

As the maiden entry for our new blog I debated long and hard on how to start... and I decided to create a late (and let's face it optimistic) Summer loving (had me a bla-a-a-ast, wrote me a blo-o-o-og) - sing it - it sounds better...
26/08/2011 21:37 BST