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Tim Bale

Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University

Tim Bale is Professor of Politics at Queen Mary, University of London and the author of The Conservative Party from Thatcher to Cameron and The Conservatives since 1945. He occasionally tweets @ProfTimBale

Jezza's Bezzas: Labour's New Members

Just over two-thirds of Labour's post-GE2015 members and supporters (68%) have retweeted, posted or forwarded a message supporting the Labour Party on social media and nearly nine out of ten (88%) claim to have signed a petition on behalf of the party. But only 15% of them have participated in door-to-door or telephone canvassing of voters or helped out at a party function...
28/06/2016 13:09 BST

Eastleigh By-Election: Worst of All Worlds for the Tories

The sensible advice to the Tories after Eastleigh is, of course, 'Don't Panic'. The problem, however, is they already have. Indeed, they've been panicking about Ukip for well over a year now - which is precisely why they've ended up in this mess in the first place.
01/03/2013 11:09 GMT

Conservatives Are No Longer Divided on Europe

The idea that David Cameron has much to learn from Neil Kinnock will seem far-fetched, indeed laughable to most Conservatives, especially those who believe that they have scored a huge victory by 'wielding the veto'.
12/12/2011 23:01 GMT