Tina McGuff Author of anorexia memoir - Public Speaker - Ardent Mental Health Campaigner - Young Persons Advocate - Media Representative

It took me a second to snap and years to recover


Author of anorexia memoir Seconds To Snap - Public Speaker - Ardent Mental Health Campaigner - Young Persons Advocate - Media Representative

I was born in beautiful Scotland and spent my primary school years in sunny Pretoria, South Africa. After a traumatic event within the family when I was 13 I descended into anorexia from a young age and almost lost my life.

I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. to allow doctors to force feed me to save my life.

I’m forever grateful to those people as without that intervention I would not be here today.

After a very successful 20 years, raising children, learning to fly, promoting huge bands like Biffy Clyro and Snow Patrol in the family business I'm now an ardent mental health campaigner and have written my book "Seconds To Snap" to help lift the lid and smash the stigmas associated with these illnesses.

It was years of shame and the stigma surrounding the mental health tag that made me feel too ashamed to tell anyone...but not anymore. Now I take every opportunity to help raise awareness.

I work full time in an accounts team – but my passion is helping as much as I can raising awareness.

My schools, universities, conferences and workplace talks are in huge demand and often lead to many people seeking help as a result of my visit. It’s great to know that the self-awareness and emotional intelligence I discuss leads to identification of help needed and subsequently sought.

I’ve been asked to share my story across various media outlets including Lorraine Kelly, Jeremy Vine, Daily Telegraph, Radio Scotland, Talk Europe and a Channel 5 documentary called ‘Me and My Eating Disorder’ and I’ve even spoke at the Scottish Parliament.

I’m a proud media representative for B-eat and Seeme Scotland as well as patron for Fife Employment Access trust (FEAT)

‘Seconds To Snap’ is also being screen written by the incredible Oscar winner Brenda Chapman who is the creator and producer of Pixar’s Brave amongst many others.

My aim now is to get the message out loud and clear that you can have a great life after such an illness, it might be a hard road, but you can get there and there is hope of recovery…








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