Victor Jimenez London editor at financial news website

In January, 2004 Víctor Jiménez moved to St George's Wharf from Valencia, where the first construction firms were beginning to tumble. The housing sector debacle and financial crisis that ensued would shake the world from Benidorm to Long Beach, to Wall Street and the City. He persuaded the publisher behind the magazine for Madrid stock market-listed corporations 'Consejeros' of the need for a news blog covering finance and economics from a euro zone viewpoint amid a journalistic panorama controlled by two American cable agencies and one British newspaper. In 2011, opened shop and has now become a staple in any euro-related information diet. Víctor Jiménez had previously worked as a reporter at the weekly magazine, and writes regularly for the Spanish Grupo Prensa Ibérica of 14 regional dailies. He has collaborated with The Daily Telegraph and the BBC in features about the Spanish economy and investment fraud. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan.